Oryx - IT Consultancy

Computer support & tuition, focusing on assisting seniors, retirees and those lacking confidence.
We are based near Penzance.
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Broadband and network issues.
Resolve faults with Wi-Fi, routers and cabling.
Online safety
Avoid scams and combat malicious software and websites.
Enhance your online security.
Keeping your online presence under control and private.

Computer maintenance.
Advice on keeping your device running smoothly and help for when things go wrong.
Fault diagnosis.
Pick-up and drop-off available.

Keeping your data safe
Advice on backing up your precious files.

Negotiating broadband and telephone contracts
Allow us to represent you, thereby avoiding technical discussions which can leave you confused and not with the best deal - plus we may be able to save you money.

Why is the internet slow?
Guidance on getting the best speeds for your location and getting repairs to your line completed quickly.


Using the right software
Advice given on buying the correct software or using free open-source alternatives.

Removal of malware and unwanted programs. Reclaiming disk space.

Assistance in ensuring your software is up to date and therefore secure.


Help with printers, SMART TVs, SMART Phones, connecting devices, email use and issues, guidance on website hosting.

If your request is beyond our scope, we will always tell you immediately and then do our utmost to get you in contact with someone who CAN help.

Over 25 years experience in I.T.
Our mission is to provide a simple jargon-free service at reasonable rates.

Explore how to get the most from your device and the internet through education sessions. These can be group or one-to-one.

Check back here for content, dates, pricing and session locations, once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

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